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Two years ago, I published my first Android application, called Colorista.
It is a very simple utility that allow people to extract a synthetic color palette from a photo taken with their smartphone or tablet (tough it has been designed to be used mostly with phones and will not render perfectly on huge screen devices such as those of 10" tablets.
What I want to do with Colorista is providing a basic and straightforward tool to people who work with colours and, at the same time,  practice a little with the Android developer tools. 
Here's what you see when you start Colorista: a minimalistic screen with just a "camera" button, which - surprise! - activates the camera app of your phone.  
When you take a photo, the image is compressed and analyzed by Colorista.
The final result of this analysis, a palette of the dominant colors in you photos is shown. Beneath each color thumbnail of the palette you can read its HTML-friendly, hexadecimal representation and the percentage of it weight in the photo. (0% values are approximations for percentages between 0 and 1%). 
Then, by clicking on a color thumbnail, you get a screen that contains detailed informations about the color you choose. As of version 1.0, Colorista shows info about:

  • HTML friendly representation
  • RGB components
  • CYMK (though approximated, due to loss of data that occurs when converting from RGB to CYMK representations).
  • HSV representation.

    Some months later, I added features like palette sharing, save palette colors, palette sorting by color component and not by percentage of weight.
    Any suggestion about new features, bugs and improvements will be much appreciated!
    You can download Colorista for free on Google Play.

    A big thank you to my old friend Claudio Serra, who created the icon graphic for Colorista!

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